Missouri Ploud Project

Basic Editing

Learn how to edit Ploud websites

Ploud Users

Users Video Transcript

Learn the ins and outs of adding and maintaining users on your Ploud website such as see what the different roles mean, look at how to add and remove users, and reset user passwords.

Ploud Templates

Templates Video Transcript

Learn how to change the appearance of your website and see the different templates that you can use on your website, their different advantages and disadvantages, and the different color palettes each template has.

Ploud Configurations

Site Configurations Video Transcript

Go through the different options in the Site Configurations and see how they change your website and the different options to personalize the website header.

Emergency Message

Emergency Message Video Transcript

Learn how to use the Emergency Message feature on your Ploud website.

Site Assets

Site Assets Video Transcript

This tutorial shows you what the Site Assets folder is, how to upload images or files, and how to put them on your website pages.

Menus and Pages

Menus and Pages Video Transcript

Learn how to use the Root Folder Contents and make navigation menus and pages.

Calendar and Events

Calendar Video Transcript

Learn how to use the calendar on your website to create and edit events, and tell patrons when your library is closed for holidays.

Ploud Portlets

Portlets Video Transcript

Learn what Portlets are, how to add or edit them, and how to turn portlet columns off to make your content column wider.

News and RSS Feeds

News Video Transcript

How to create news items and set up what is called an RSS feed from a popular news source on Ploud websites.

Contact Us and Forms

Form Video Transcript

Learn how to set up the Contact Us form and create new forms on Ploud.