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Missouri Ploud Project

How to Join Ploud

Information on how to join Missouri's Ploud Program!

Become a Ploud Member

Joining the Ploud project is simple, libraries must be located in the state of Missouri and be certified for state aid. Once you are ready to create a website through this program, contact Janet Caruthers, Technology & Resource Sharing Consultant, at 573-526-1087 or Once you have joined, you can choose a Ploud website template for you to customize. Weekly, one-on-one trainings will be scheduled with Gloria Fordyce, Library Administration & Management Consultant, to learn how to edit your website and guide you through the process of launching the new site. You also get to choose your domain name.  

Domain Information

To go live, you will have to provide a domain for your website. There are three options for a domain for your Ploud site;

  1. MOREnet can provide a XXXX* domain name. Contact the MOREnet help desk at to request a domain name. There is no registration fee nor a charge from MOREnet. You do not need to be a MOREnet member library to request or use this domain, however, non-members need to find an alternate domain host.
  2. Enfold Systems can provide a XXXX* domain name with a Ploud site. There is no registration fee nor a charge from Enfold Systems.
  3. You may contact a domain registrar to purchase a XXXX*.org domain name. Domain registrars charge for a website domain name, which is payable by the library.

We recommend using a domain from MOREnet because the domain name does not include a vendor- or software-specific word, such as Ploud, and MOREnet can remain your domain registrar if the web host or software changes.

While creating your site from the template provided by the State Library, a Ploud domain ( is used. The domain will be changed to your preferred web address when your site goes live.

*Consider the length of the domain name when choosing the characters to replace the XXXX in the three options above.

Required Information

While the website you are provided is yours to create and edit as much as you wish, the Missouri State Library requires the following information be on the website:

  • IMLS logo and acknowledgement statement in the footer. (See bottom of page for an example)
  • Link(s) to electronic resources provided by the Missouri State Library to public libraries either on the home page or in a menu list.
  • If a MOREnet member, links to electronic resources provided by MOREnet to public libraries either on the home page or in a menu list.
  • Link to the library’s catalog on the home page.
  • Library hours, phone number, street address, email address, and photo on the home page.
  • Library policies that directly impact patrons, including collection management, library materials challenge policy, computer use and internet access, and patron confidentiality and privacy.
  • Current list of any book challenges shall be posted. 
  • A link to a patron survey provided by the Missouri State Library for a period of one month after going live.
  • Library staff names, titles, and contact information.
  • Library Board member names and positions and Board meeting dates, times, and locations.