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Missouri Ploud Project

Ploud Resources

Where to Get Help

If you have any issues with your website or need to make further changes to it, you can get help by searching the Ploud Knowledge Base for subject specific articles. If you still need additional support, contact the Enfold Ploud help desk by:

  • Logging into your website then selecting Get Help to send an email, 
  • Logging into the Ploud Knowledge Base to create a support ticket, or 
  • Call the Ploud support desk at 281-205-4485.

Ploud Email Discussion List

To stay updated about the Missouri Ploud Program, join the Ploud listserv. This is a moderated email discussion list sponsored by the Missouri State Library that provides a place for libraries with a website through the Ploud program to receive information and updates about the program and related services.

Tips & Tricks

Graphic Sizes: 

  •          Generic Buttons: 240x70px or 140x140px
  •          Carousel Slides: 3 Column = 768x432, 2 Column = 980x432, 1 Column = 1140x432

Text Editor Quirks: 

  •            Hold Shift+Enter to go down one line
  •            Hold Ctrl when you right click to get the copy/paste menu
  •           If a picture is uploaded upside down, it’s because it was taken from a phone. To correct this:
         1. open the picture on your computer desktop, select edit, select “make a copy,” and save.

         2. on your Ploud site, replace image with “copy” and hit apply. 

Ethical Use of Images:

When using images for your website, please be aware of using images ethically, without violating copyright. You can search for free images on Creative Commons, Google Images (under specific licensing details), Library of Congress, and other free image sites, but you need to pay attention to the sites usage guidelines. Images found in the "public domain," can be used freely as the copyright term has expired or the owner has given up their rights to the image.